2 Chronicles 11:5-6a “5 Rehoboam lived in Jerusalem and built cities for defense in Judah. 6 Thus he built Bethlehem,” 


 Rehoboam probably had no idea when he fortified Bethlehem as a city of defense in Judah that one day the Messiah would be born there.  I think it is only fitting that Jesus would be born in a safe place.  After all, He IS the safe place.  He is the designated Savior of the world.  Who better to be from a safe place?

Now, there were a lot of years between Rehoboam and the birth of Christ.  I don’t know all that happened to the city of Bethlehem in that time, but one thing I do know – it remained the safest place in the world for Jesus to be born.  God the Father chose a place to bring an infant into the world that would allow Him to be born safely.  He does the same for us – He gives us a safe place.


 What kind of safe place do your children have?  They have you to protect them?  They have parents who will do anything to keep them safe, right?  But as diligent as you are, you cannot protect their hearts and souls.  That is God’s job.  That is why you must lead them to Him as early as you can.

I get so puzzled by parents who will make their kids go to school, ball games and family events, but will let them make their own choice about attending church.  “Well, Gertrude has to make her own mind up about religion.” Hogwash!  If you allowed her to make her mind up about school, do you think she would go?  We cannot MAKE them accept Christ, but we must have them in the environment where He is taught.  That’s their ultimate safe place – their Bethlehem.

How safe are you today?  Are you relying on Him to keep you safe or are you making it on your own?  “God, I’ve got this.”  That kind of attitude will lead you into very unsafe territory.  Turn to the Child of Bethlehem, the fortified city.

God, thank You for sending Your Son to be my safe place. I know I can rest in Him.  He will guard my soul and heart.


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