2 Chronicles 4:10a “Solomon also made all the things that were in the house of God:”


 You may read 2 Chronicles 4 and start yawning.  Don’t! It’s a short chapter.  Read the whole chapter two or three times and then tell me what you read.  Did you see it?  God left nothing to chance when He gave all the details to David to give to Solomon. And then Solomon “made all the things that were in the house of God.”

 Look at the numbers.  Look at all the furnishings.  This was going to be God’s house, and it was going to look right. How many times have you hurried to straighten your house when company was coming?  You made sure everything was just right.  Why?  Because you wanted your house to look respectable.  Solomon wanted to make sure God’s house was the talk of the known world. He was honoring God by his actions.


 This is a perfect verse to read to your children when you send them to clean their room.  Keeping their room clean is important.  Why?  Because cleanliness is next to godliness?  Well, maybe. But that’s not the reason.  You are teaching them to care for their things. Everything they have in that room really belongs to God, right?  Every toy! Every sock!  Every piece of furniture.  As believers, we believe that.  It’s all His.  And if it is His, take care of it.

I truly believe if we teach our children that when they are young they will learn to care for their possessions in a whole different way.  They will learn to only purchase things that would give glory to God.  That leaves those questionable cd’s out.  That leaves the wrong kind of clothing out.  Just as Solomon took care of God’s house, we need to take care of His stuff He is letting use.

Do you have a reverent respect for God’s stuff?  Don’t you wish you could have made some of those items for the temple?  Remember, all your stuff is God’s too.  Treat it that way!  Honor God by seeing all your possessions as totally His.

Thank You, Father, for blessing me with all I have. I want to hold these as if I am holding Your possessions.  I am truly in awe of how You have blessed me.


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