Matthew 3:17 “and behold, a voice out of the heavens said, ‘This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well-pleased.’”


 Jesus was always pleasing His Father. He knew no other way to live. Every thought He had was directed toward that.  He had a mission to complete, which He knew would please the Father.  Nothing else mattered.  Just please the Father by His works.  Please the Father by His words. Please the Father by…everything He did.

Isn’t that a worthy example to follow? Now, we weren’t sent to earth to die for mankind.  There is only one Savior.  But we do have a mission.  Our mission is to share the love of Christ with as many as possible.  Our mission is to be Jesus to the lost around us.  When we do that we also please the Father. Then we can hear Him say, “This is My beloved in whom I am well pleased.”


 Don’t you love when your children are obedient?  Of course, you love them regardless, but when they obey you willingly, doesn’t it just warm your heart?  Tell them. They need to hear that.  They say it takes ten praises to balance out one criticism.  I don’t know if that is true or not, but I do know it is much better to praise than critique.

The next time your little Johnny or Susie does something before you ask them to do it, praise them.  Tell them you are well pleased.  Tell them how it makes you feel when you see them choosing right rather than wrong.  And then tell them how their heavenly Father is also well pleased with those choices. They really need to hear that.

Are you pleasing the Father today? Are you willing to accomplish the mission God has given you?  If you are grateful for your salvation, share it.  Tel someone today about Jesus.  The Father will smile.

Father, I want to see You smile on me.  I know You love me regardless, but I want to please You. Help me tell others just how great You are.


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