2 Chronicles 34:19 “When the king heard the words of the law, he tore his clothes.”


 Every time I hear the expression “Good Grief” I think of Charlie Brown.  I can just hear Lucy saying, “Good Grief, Charlie Brown.”  Okay, I’m telling my age again.  Lol

But here in this passage we see a true expression of good grief by Josiah.  It would be better called “holy” grief. When he heard the words of THE WORD his heart was grieved over his and the nation’s disobedience.  He obviously had never heard these words and was appalled that they had not kept God’s commandments which were so simply spelled out in the Word.


 This is a beautiful example of how easy it is to find out what God wants you to do. Your children simply have to read God’s Word to find out how to live their lives.  Without it, they have no clue.  Josiah was trying to do all the right things, but until he heard God’s Word, he didn’t realize all that was commanded.

Now, I am not saying that little Johnny and Susie have to be legalist and spend all their time making sure they are following every command of God.  As Christians we have the Holy Spirit to guide us too.  Josiah didn’t have that.  But we still need to read and study the Word to find out how God would have us live.

How is your study of the Word going?  There are so many truths hidden in the Word of God.  It is kind of like a treasure hunt each day as we turn to it. Ask the Lord each time you pick up the Bible to show you a new truth to live by.  He is faithful to disclose Himself to those who truly seek Him.

O Lord, my God, You are faithful to reveal Your truths in Your Word each time I seek You.  Thank You for leading me in Your path of righteousness.  Help me seek You earnestly each day.


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