2 Chronicles 28:24b “and he closed the doors of the house of the Lord and made altars for himself in every corner of Jerusalem.” 


 Ahaz was, to put it simply, a very bad king.  Just read 2 Chronicles 28 and you will see.  It’s a wonder God didn’t just strike him dead with a lightning bolt or something.  That’s why I am not God.  Lol.

This verse caught my eye when I read it, “and he closed the doors of the house of the Lord and made altars for himself in every corner of Jerusalem.” He just shut up the temple.  He was done with God, so it seemed.  And he didn’t want the people going either.  That’s bad.


 We do the same thing, in a way, when we neglect our church.  Did you know that today someone who attends church just 40% of the time is considered a regular attender?  Now don’t hear me wrong.  I am NOT saying you have to be at church every time the doors are open.  But we allow too many things to get in the way of worship.

Your children need to know that worshipping with fellow believers is more important than soccer, swim meets or camping trips.  If they grow up thinking church is something you do on the weekends when you have nothing else planned, that’s exactly how they will treat God. You might as well be like Ahaz and close the doors.

Church attendance is a sign of obedience to our Lord.  We should want to be in His house with other believers worshipping and praising His name.  We should crave the fellowship we get when we are together.  Look at your family calendar today and make sure you have your day of worship prioritized.

Father, I do not want to become legalistic about church, but I do want to desire to be there more.  I need other believers in my life to encourage and strengthen my faith. Help me, Father, to make my church a priority in my life.


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