1 Chronicles 1:10 “Cush became the father of Nimrod; he began to be a mighty one in the earth.”


 Back in the 80’s calling someone a “nimrod” was not a compliment.  It meant you were a geek or socially awkward.  But in 1 Chronicles 1 this is the first person to which an explanation was given.  According to the Bible and a lot of other historical writers, Nimrod was the king of Babel and was the one who led the people to build the tower, supposedly out of rebellion against God.

Nimrod was a large man, bigger than most.  In fact, some believe he was a giant, similar to Goliath.  What a pity that he chose to use his might against God rather than use his “God-given” strength and might to lead his people toward God.  His name could have been known as a great one.  But let me ask you, “Do you ever hear of anyone naming their child Nimrod?” Of course not.


 We should teach our children that their name means something.  They carry your name, Dads.  It should be a name they are proud of.  And we should teach them to be careful to never do anything to dishonor it or bring shame to it.  Once a name is marred by bad choices, it takes a long time to reclaim your reputation.

We also teach our children that, as believers, we carry the name of Jesus.  We should be careful how we portray the name of Christ.  People are watching so we need to be mindful of the image we are showing the world. Children need to be reminded of that as they go to school.  They need to be reminded of that when they go off to college.  We bear the name of Christ.  Don’t forget that.

How about your name?  Do people hear your name and say, “Oh yeah, I know them.  What a great guy.  He really loves the Lord.”?  Do people even know you are a believer?  Let your name instantly remind people of your walk with Christ.  Remember that your life, as a believer, is a reflection of Christ.

Father, help me today to carry Your name proudly. I know that as I live for You, others will be drawn to You.  Remind me each day to guard Your name and make it my own.


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