Malachi 4:5 “‘Behold, I am going to send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and terrible day of the Lord.’”


 Before Jesus returns to judge the earth, Elijah and Enoch will return to earth to proclaim His return.  Won’t that be incredible?  Whether you are pre-millenial, post-millenial or a-millenial, this is going to occur. Malachi gives us the warning right here.

But for believers, there is nothing to fear in that “great and terrible day of the Lord.”  We are secure in Christ.  He has already covered our judgment through His blood which we have accepted.  By surrendering to Him, we have secured our place by His side on that day.  We will observe the judgment knowing we are spending eternity with our heavenly Father.


I don’t expect you to teach end time prophecy to your young child.  They can’t possibly understand all the implications of that event.  Most adults can’t.  But we can teach them to get their hearts ready.  We can lead them into a saving knowledge of Christ.  We can disciple them to walk with Him daily.  And by doing all those things, they will come to understand.

The Spirit of God can teach our children things we can never teach them.  He speaks to their hearts.  He speaks in a way they can understand.  He knows them deeper than we ever will.  Our job as parents is to prepare them to hear Him. Let Him do the rest.

Are you listening to the Spirit?  Are you ready for that day?  Personally, I hope I am alive to see Christ’s return.  I pray you are ready to go to the right side of eternity.  I pray you are secure in your faith in Jesus.  If you have any doubts, make it right today.

O Lord, I am so thankful I get to spend eternity worshipping You.  I look forward to that day when I see You face to face.  But Lord, in the meantime, help me spread the Good News to as many as I can so they can join me there.


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