Hosea 9:7a “The days of punishment have come, the days of retribution have come;”


Oh, how well I remember those words, “Wait until your daddy gets home!”  My momma would be so put out with my misbehavior, and nothing she did could correct it.  I wasn’t a terribly disobedient child, but I had my stubborn, rebellious streak at times. But when she uttered those words I knew what was coming.

Now, my dad was great, but he was also one who required obedience.  He didn’t put up with back talk or a rebellious spirit.  So, when he came home and heard my momma’s report, I knew I was going to get it.  And I deserved it.  Just like Ephraim did.  The Lord had warned them, but they were stubborn.  So, now Hosea is saying, “Wait til Dad gets home.”  Well, not really, but something like that.


 Our children will get a little “non-compliant” at times.  Don’t let that slide.  Listen, I’m not saying you should rule with an iron fist.  But I am saying you need to parent consistently and make sure the expectations and rules are clear.  Children need and want boundaries.  They may not say it, but they do.

I have seen firsthand the outcome of permissive parenting.  I have seen the end result.  Most of the time it doesn’t end well.  As we teach them to obey us, we are teaching them to obey God.  Of course, you need to be using the Word to teach them both. There is a parenting manual.  It’s called the Bible.

But let me ask you a question.  Are you in rebellion right now against a holy God?  Are you wanting to push your luck with Him?  Are you determined to have your way? Correction will come, sooner or later. Deal with it now and allow the Lord to set you straight.

Thank You Lord for caring enough about me to hold me accountable.  Thank You for discipling me when I need it.  I don’t like it, but I am grateful.


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