Ezekiel 32:3 “Thus says the Lord God, ‘Now I will spread My net over you with a company of many peoples, And they shall lift you up in My net.’”


 I struggled which verse to pick for today’s devotional in this chapter.  It wasn’t because there wasn’t a “good” verse. We know they are ALL good.  No, it was because this whole chapter is about God’s judgment on Egypt, and He really lets them know what’s coming.

Some today may think that judgment is not coming.  Oh, it is.  And, just like Egypt, we have been warned.  You could probably name dozens of verses that do just that, right?  So why do we ignore them?  Why do we put off repenting and turning back to God?  Because we are just like Pharaoh.  We think we are too big to fail.


What an important truth to teach our kids!  They need to know that our Holy God will not let all the wickedness in this world go unpunished.  Now, this is not something we teach to scare them.  No!  We teach them the truth of God’s Word and let it instill in them the urgency of the times.

So, what do we teach them to do with this knowledge?  To make every day count for eternity.  We are to be busy leading others to Christ.  We are to be diligent to present the Gospel, in whatever way God tells us, to those who are thumbing their noses at God. God loves them and wants to use us to bring them home.

Are you living as if tomorrow will never come?  Are you “pretending” you can postpone the coming judgment?  If you are, stop it right now.  Repent and turn back from the errors you are living. Come into the loving arms of Jesus.  He will welcome you home – for eternity.

Lord God, You are the Eternal One.  I want to be with You for eternity praising Your holy name. Use Your Spirit in me today to convict me of my sins so I can continue to walk with You, leading others to Your throne of grace.


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