Ezekiel 2:7 “‘But you shall speak My words to them whether they listen or not, for they are rebellious.’”


 Have you ever hesitated telling someone the Gospel for fear of rejection?  Come on, be honest.  Most of us have.  We don’t want them to embarrass us.  We don’t want them to shun us.  We don’t want to make them mad.  We are more concerned with their reaction than the consequence of not telling them.

The Lord warned Ezekiel in this verse today that people are rebellious.  Whether they listened or not to what he said was not Ezekiel’s concern.  His orders were to tell them.  It was up to the Lord to get the results.  We could learn a lot from Ezekiel.


Teach your children to be bold in their witness for Christ.  Model that for them.  Go to those you, as a family, are concerned for.  Share Christ with them.  Just remember – if you don’t share and they don’t hear it from anywhere else, they will die in their sins and spend eternity in Hell.  That should motivate us to risk anything to tell them.

Boldness in witnessing is a learned skill.  For most of us, witnessing to others about Jesus is a little uncomfortable to begin with.  But when you keep in mind the joy you will experience when others come to Christ, you will become so eager to share.  So, lead your children to be joy tellers.

Let me encourage you today to tell someone about your relationship with Christ.  Just tell them what He has done for you.  Ask them if they want real peace and joy in their lives.  Not many will turn that down.  But don’t worry about their reaction.  Just be obedient.

Father, it is true at times I hesitate to share Christ for fear of rejection.  Forgive me of that.  Give me the boldness I need to step out in faith knowing You will give me the words to say.


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