Lamentations 4:22a “The punishment of your iniquity has been completed, O daughter of Zion; He will exile you no longer.”


 Have you ever been through a grueling, physical challenge?  I remember some extreme practices when I played high school football.  I remember my first running class in college.  I remember going through my stem cell transplant in 2010.  Physical challenges can be extreme.  But they all come to an end (in one way or the other) at some point.  And the relief when they are over is sweet.

Jeremiah is telling the people that their punishment will end.  The siege against Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar had been extreme.  People were starving.  Physical pain from hunger and thirst was real.  But the Lord was bringing an end to it.  There punishment had been fulfilled.  He would exile them “no longer.”


I pray your child never has to go through an extreme physical challenge.  Nothing is more trying for parents than to watch their children suffer. But, if this occurs, rest assured there is always an end to it.  Our job as parents is to encourage our children during these time and continue to point them to Jesus.  After all, He is the only true source of relief.

What am I talking about?  Your child could face an illness.  They could have an injury requiring months of physical therapy.  They could simply be pushed physically as they compete in some sport.  Whatever it is, point them to Jesus.  Let Jesus coach them through it.  And stay strong yourself so you can lift them when they are down spiritually.

This may seem like a “Debbie Downer” devotional today.  Sorry. Life can get us down sometimes. Life isn’t always easy.  But no matter what we or our children face, we have a God who has “exiled” us no longer.  He has provided a way out – His precious Son.

Lord, sometimes I get low.  I don’t think I can take another step.  Remind me on those days that I don’t have to take that step.  You are there to carry me, if I will just trust and call on You.


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