Jeremiah 3:22 “‘Return, O faithless sons, I will heal your faithlessness.’ ‘Behold, we come to You; For You are the Lord our God.’”


 Have you ever made the trip home to see your family after a long absence?  The closer you get, the more excited you become.  You can just smell the house.  You can just feel the hugs you are going to receive.  You know you will be welcomed with open arms.

That is the feeling we should have when we repent and return to the Lord.  Israel had sinned greatly against the Lord.  The Lord is calling them home.  And Israel responds, “We come to You.”  They realized their sin had led them into great punishment. God wanted them home with Him where it was safe, and He could love them.


 This teaching moment is more about you, as parents, than teaching your children.  You have to let your children go.  They have to return on their own.  You can’t make them come home.  You can’t make them live right.  Now, you can hold them accountable, just as God does us.  But there is no secret power you can obtain to make them do what you want.

Don’t you think God would rather have us near Him always?  We want our children to always be safe, but we have to let them go.  And when they do return, they return on their own.  They come home to the love and warmth that has been waiting.  They come home to forgiveness.  We are the arms of God to them.

Have you been running away lately? Why don’t you go home?  Why don’t you let God wrap His loving arms around you and give you a heavenly hug?  He is waiting for you to make the first step towards Him.  He will pull you to safety if you just ask.

Lord, forgive me when I run.  I know You could stop me, but You won’t.  But Lord, when I do turn around, scoop me up in Your arms.


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