Isaiah 23:9 “The Lord of hosts has planned it, to defile the pride of all beauty, to despise all the honored of the earth.”


 Isaiah 23 is a prophecy about Tyre, one of the city states of Phoenicia.  They were an enemy of Israel and fell under the judgment of God for the way they treated His chosen children.  They were a proud people due to the beauty of their region and the wealth they had accumulated.  Hmmm, sounds like a lot of people today.

In fact, that is exactly how we can apply today’s verse.  God will humble the proud.  God will exalt the humble.  Which do you want?  Exaltation or humility?  I know which one I prefer, but my problem is I want to exalt myself too much. Instead, I need to humble myself before God and men and let Him do the exalting.


I have found that children normally have one of two problems.  They either think too much of themselves or too little. Having too much self-esteem is easily seen as children will boast, brag and put down others.  Low self-esteem can be overlooked.  These children can be quiet and introspective, thinking they can remain unseen and invisible to others.  Neither of these is good.

As parents we are to build up our children, not tear them down.  But we need to balance that building up with correction.  Children should never be allowed to put others down in their effort to look bigger. Nor should we allow them to put themselves down.  It truly is a balancing act.  Trust the Lord for the words to say to your little one.  After all, He made them in His image.

As an adult, we must show our children what a healthy ego looks like.  If we are a bragger or a sulker, they will learn from us. Parents who are obnoxious often have obnoxious kids.  And parent who are always hanging their heads in shame will have children who do the same. You need to go to the Master for an attitude adjustment.  Let Him exalt or humble you, just like Tyre.

O Lord, You made me to be perfect as You are perfect.  I know that doesn’t mean I am perfect, but You do give me the One to follow – Jesus. Make me more like Him today.


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