Ecclesiastes 11:2 “Divide your portion to seven, or even to eight, for you do not know what misfortune may occur on the earth.”


 I shall never forget the time I was sent by my Grandma Carter to fetch the eggs from the chicken coop.  She had a large coop with a lot of chickens.  On the backside of the fenced in enclosure was the wall of covered boxes where the hens laid their eggs.  I would go to each box and gather the eggs and put them in the basket Grandma had given me.

On this particular day, when I climbed up to the top row of boxes, I did not know there was a large black snake coiled in one of the boxes. The snake had slipped in and eaten a couple of eggs and was just lying there.  When I reached in the box to get the eggs, I grabbed the snake instead of the eggs.  Talking about a shock!  I instantly dropped the basket of eggs and ran, breaking most of the eggs.  Needless to say, Grandma wasn’t happy.


 What does that story have to do with today’s verse?  One, I shouldn’t have climbed with the eggs, putting them at risk.  Two, I knew snakes would sometimes crawl in there and eat the eggs.  Grandma had told me to always check before reaching.  I was lucky it wasn’t a poisonous snake. And third, NEVER DROP THE EGGS!

Sometimes our children will DROP THE EGGS.  Sometimes they will make a mistake and put something important at risk. These are teaching moments.  It is not the end of the world.  It may seem like it to them, but it’s not.  Use every crisis to teach.  In this instance, teach them to be watchful for things that are lying in wait to catch us by surprise.  And by all means, DON’T DROP THE EGGS!

Have you dropped the eggs lately?  You have unknowingly put something precious at risk.  You may have made a quick decision that has cost your family financially.  You may have gone down the wrong path by mistake and don’t know how to get back. Ask the Lord.  He will guide.  He wants you safe and headed in the right direction.  Confess and trust.

Lord God, thank You for always knowing the right decision for me.  Teach me to ask You first.  Help me protect those with whom I am entrusted.


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