Ecclesiastes 6:7 “All a man’s labor is for his mouth and yet the appetite is not satisfied.”


How true!  How true!  Isn’t it amazing that no matter what we eat and how filling it is, we get hungry again? Unless we are sick and unable to eat, our body burns fuel and has to be refilled.  We can eat the finest food on earth or something to just get by.  It doesn’t matter – we just get hungry again.

When I read this verse, though, I thought of another kind of hunger – the hunger to know God.  I vividly remember when I came to Christ.  I had an insatiable hunger for God’s Word.  Over the years there have been times when I had that same ravenous desire to read and study the Bible.  But there have been other times when I barely picked up the Word.


Tomorrow (and I am sure it will probably occur by then) when little Bobby says, “Mom, I am starved!  What’s for dinner” you will have a great opportunity to bring up this verse.  Ask Bobby, “What are you starving for?”  Then talk about how the Lord wants us to be starving for Him.

 But, how do we as parents give our child that insatiable desire for God?  By having it ourselves.  When they see us pouring into God’s Word and making time to talk to Him, they will learn too.  A young boy will get his desire to hunt or fish by going with other men.  Our children will hunger for God as they do it with us.

Are you hungry today for God?  Is your soul “growling” for sustenance for His Word? Feed it!  Go to the banquet table of God.  He is always ready to feed us and fill us.  Just go to Him.

O Lord, You fill my spirit.  You fill my soul.  You fill my heart.  Fill me, Lord, until I overflow.


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