Job 10:9 “‘Remember now, that You have made me as clay; And would You turn me into dust again?’”


You could say Job was having a bad day. Now his “friends” are giving him spiritual advice, and he is feeling like a complete failure.  This is all new for him.  He had been living at peace with the Lord and men.  He had not experienced these kind of trials before, as far as we know.

He looks up to the Lord and asks, “Are you just going to grind me into dust here?”  He is feeling worthless.  He is feeling hopeless.  He is feeling beat down and thrown away.  Have you ever felt that way?  Have you asked the same question?


These are the moments when our faith grows the most.  These are the moments when our kids’ faith is built.  When they are struggling with the pressures of life, struggle along with them. Lean on Jesus.  He can take it.  Your children need to learn that at an early age.  There is NOTHING He can’t handle.

Now, I have to admit that most the “major” issues our children face aren’t really major issues.  But they are to them.  And as they learn to trust the Lord in these struggles, they are building the faith necessary to trust the Lord later in life when they are facing those real life struggles like the loss of a child or the loss of a job or the loss of a home.  The struggle of faith is not for the now as much as it is for the future.

Are you there right now?  Are you facing a day in which you feel like dust? Shake off that dust.  Fall on your face before a holy God and say, “Through it all, Lord, I trust You.”

Father, I don’t understand all the trials that come my way. I don’t like them either.  But I trust You.  I know You know me best and will allow only those things that will make me better to touch me.


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