Job 5:17 “‘Behold, how happy is the man whom God reproves, so do not despise the discipline of the Almighty.’”


 One of Job’s friends, Eliphaz, is speaking in chapters 4 and 5.  Taken by themselves, his words are wise and insightful.  Take for instance the verse for today.  I agree with that statement.  We should welcome the Lord’s discipline.  We know that the Lord disciplines those whom He loves.

The trouble with the advice is he thinks Job has done something worthy of discipline.  Why else would God “punish” Job?  He must have done some horrible sin and was refusing to confess. Eliphaz had good advice.  He was just giving it to the wrong person.


However, these words can be helpful to your child.  They need to learn that discipline is a good thing.  Without discipline the world would be in chaos.  When we have disobeyed the Lord, we should expect to be disciplined.  Now, I am not saying the Lord is just waiting to zap us every time we get off the path. I mean the Lord will discipline us because He loves us.  He wants to keep us safe.

Don’t you discipline your little Susie when she disobeys?  Why do you do that?  Because you want her to grow up respecting rules and guidelines.  You want her to develop self-control.  She needs to learn at an early age that there are always going to be rules and laws she must follow.  And these are for her protection, not to restrict her.

What are you complaining about right now?  Are you challenging the Lord’s commands?  Are you fighting God at every turn?  Surrender to Him today.  Let Him guide your every decision.  As we surrender to Him the Lord is able to give us more and more freedom.  And you will be free indeed.

Forgive me, Lord, when I disobey. Forgive me when I fight against Your law.  I know everything You have written is for my good.  Help me surrender more fully each day to You.


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