Esther 6:6b “And Haman said to himself, ‘Whom would the king desire to honor more than me?’”


 Talking about getting “egg on your face.”  Haman was just sure the king was wanting to honor him.  After all, he was SOMEBODY, or so he thought.  He could have never guessed in a million years that the king was talking about Mordecai, whom Haman hated.

So Haman rattles off what HE would have wanted the king to do for HIM.  His own words led to his humiliation.  I am sure many in the city knew of Haman’s disgust for Mordecai.  And now they were watching him lead Mordecai through the streets shouting, “Thus it shall be done to the man whom the king desires to honor.”


What a great life lesson!  Teach your children to not assume what someone else is thinking or saying.  Teach them to ask lots of questions to clarify the subject before they launch off into some activity.  Have you ever had one of those tests which begins with the statement “Read this entire page before answering any question”?  You busily answer all the questions BEFORE reading the whole page and then the last statement says, “Do not answer any of these questions.  Sign your name here and turn in to the teacher.”

We need to teach our children to avoid such misunderstandings, not jump to conclusions and to listen before talking. They should always be careful to hear someone out before they make up their mind about something.  And they should never think too highly of themselves (like Haman did).

That’s a lot to think about today. Are you guilty of making assumptions about people?  Determine today to stop that.  Look at others through the eyes of the Spirit.  See them how God sees them.  Then make up your mind.  I bet you will have a different viewpoint.

Father of all, reveal to me the real motives behind others’ actions.  Help me to not assume anything about anyone.  Let me see them as You do.


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