Esther 1:10a “On the seventh day, when the heart of the king was merry with wine,”


 Oh, the folly one gets into when wine or strong drink enters the picture.  King Ahasuerus lost his wife, Queen Vashti because he was drunk.  He made a stupid request, one that was very uncustomary at the time, of his queen that she refused.  So, he gets mad and issues a decree banning her from his presence and removing her crown.

“Oops!  Now what?”  Have you ever said that?  Boy, I have. I have said and done things hastily or without thinking that I wish I could have taken back.  But like toothpaste, once it’s out of the tube it is really hard to get it back in.


 This lesson is NOT about drinking. It’s about making hasty decisions. Every decision we make has consequences. We must teach our children that fact. Decisions must be made, but not without thinking through the results.  Whether it’s spending money or deciding where to go to college, every decision will affect what we do next.

As your children get older the decisions they will have to make become bigger and bigger.  Who to marry?  Where to live?  What job to take?  That’s why is so important to let them make decisions now while they are young and can fall back on you when they make a wrong one.  Failure is a great teacher.

What decision have you made lately that you are regretting?  Did you seek the Lord before you made it?  If so, trust Him in the decision.  If not, confess that as sin and ask Him for a way out.  He may just extend mercy and grace to you.  Or He may let you learn a lesson.  Either way, you have to trust Him.

O Lord, You are worthy of my trust with every decision I have to make.  I feel sometimes that I don’t need to bother You with the little things, but I know that is not what You want.  Thanks for hearing and answering.


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