2 Samuel 8:15 “So David reigned over all Israel; and David administered justice and righteousness for all his people.”


 Finally, David is able to rule and reign.  Finally, he is able to concentrate on leading his people. Finally, he is able to be the king God had intended for His people.  Why?  Because David had honored God in each and every action.

In this chapter, after David defeats his enemies, God allows him to set up his kingdom to rule the people in a justice and righteousness.  What a legacy.  In America, our Presidents want to leave a legacy when they leave office.  They want to be remembered for some great accomplishment.  David was known as the king who sought after God’s own heart.  Now that is a legacy worth leaving.


 We should leave a legacy for our children.  I have a book on my book shelf that is entitled “A Father’s Legacy.”  This book covers my entire life. It’s one of those books you write in to complete.  It gives your children and grandchildren something to read about you after you are gone.  But that is NOT my legacy. I pray my legacy will be like David’s.  I want them to remember me as the man who sought after God’s own heart.

And we need to all keep our legacy in mind as we make our everyday decisions.  It is so easy to ruin that legacy by one quick indiscretion.  We are teaching our children every day.  We, too, should show forth justice and righteousness which will draw our children to Christ.  Because it is only because of His justice and His righteousness that we can even begin to lead them.

Are you leading that way?  Do your children see you leading well?  If not, why not begin today?  Even David made mistakes (i.e., Bathsheba), but he went down as the greatest king of Israel.  We do not have to be perfect to lead.  We just have to rely on the Perfect One.

O Holy and Perfect Father, show me today how to lead in justice and righteousness.  Show me how to model a broken heart for my family.  Draw them to You through my life.


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