2 Samuel 4:7 “Now when they came into the house, as he was lying on his bed in his bedroom, they struck him and killed him and beheaded him. And they took his head and traveled by way of the Arabah all night.”


 I am sure you have heard that expression “lost their head.”  Most of the time when we hear that it means someone just went crazy for a bit.  They got angry and spouted off.  But in this story, Ish-bosheth literally lost his head, but it wasn’t for anything he had done.  He was murdered.  And to make the matter worse, the two who murdered him thought they were doing David, the new king, a favor.

In fact, those two men are the ones who lost their heads.  They took matters into their own hands and acted on behalf of someone for whom they had no business representing.  And it cost them their lives.  David would have no part of an innocent man’s murder.


Children can get upset and “lose their heads” sometimes too.  As parents, one of our jobs is to teach them to maintain their cool.  Emotionally stability is important.  No one wants to be around someone who is constantly blowing up and railing at others.  Your children need to learn to stop, breathe and ask the Lord for peace.

Now, this all sounds easy.  It is not.  But remember peace comes from within.  The Spirit of God gives our children, if they are believers, the peace they need to handle any situation.  The only real peace is that which comes from the Father.  He is the ultimate peace maker and peace sustainer.

Are you a model of peace in your home or are you the one who is always “losing your head”?  What will your children learn from you?  Does the peace that transcends all understanding control you?  Let His peace transform your mind today.

God, I know Your peace can fill me.  I have felt it before.  Help me stop and rest in Your peace.  Help me model that for others.


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