Psalm 87:6 “The Lord will count when He registers the peoples, ‘This one was born there.’ Selah.”


Isn’t it amazing how many times you see a new verse when you read God’s Word?  This verse, for instance.  I have read Psalm 87 many times, but today this verse hit me.  God is counting us!  He knows when and where I was born.  Now, I’ve always known that, but I had never seen it written.  Well, I had seen it, but it never registered like this before.

Where were you born?  I was born at Phoebe Putney Hospital in Albany, GA on a Friday evening around 6 p.m.  I only weighed a little over 5 pounds (I have been trying since then to gain weight, lol).  That evening, God counted me.  Selah!


When you help your children with their math and they are complaining, read them this verse.  Tell them that even God counts.  And think of how high He has to count to count everyone who ever lived.  Hmmm, I wonder how many that is?  Some estimate over 100 billion. Only God knows.

Remind your children that they are important if God counted them.  He knows them intimately.  He not only counted them, but He also counted every hair on their head. Wow!  Now that’s a good counter.

What are you counting right now?  Are you counting the number of days until vacation?  How about the number of days until you can retire?  How about counting something important like the number of your neighbors or friends or family members who don’t know Christ?  Then start subtracting from that number by being deliberate to share Christ with them.

Lord, You are the ultimate mathematician.  Nothing escapes Your keen eye.  Thank You for counting me and knowing me like You do. 


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