1 Samuel 20:42 “Jonathan said to David, ‘Go in safety, inasmuch as we have sworn to each other in the name of the Lord, saying, “The Lord will be between me and you, and between my descendants and your descendants forever.”’ Then he rose and departed, while Jonathan went into the city.”


 How many of you have ever had a best friend?  I mean one you could not see for years and then pick up right where you left off.  I have one of those.  We may go years without seeing each other due to the distance between us. But when we are together it is like no time has passed.  Pretty cool.

Jonathan and David had a covenant friendship.  They loved each other.  But it went beyond that.  Their friendship extended beyond themselves to their descendants.  They promised to love each other’s families.  That’s true friendship.  That’s rare.  But it is possible with God.


Making these kinds of friends isn’t easy. It requires us, as parents, to invest in our children’s friends.  My wife and I had to allow our children to spend the time with their friends, either at their house or ours, to develop deep relationships.  Both of our children have childhood friends to this day.  But they could not have done that without our help.

You may not can choose your children’s friends, but you can sure guide them in their choosing.  You can sure invest in their friends’ lives.  My wife and I are “mom” and “dad” to many of our children’s childhood friends to this day.  Why?  Because we loved them.  We showed them Jesus.

Are you loving your children’s friends?  Are you being a witness to them?  Are you praying for them and with them?  That’s how you impact your children’s choice of friends.  Make them your friends too.

O God, thank You for allowing me to invest in the lives of others, especially my children’s friends.  Thank You for the joy of seeing them grow in Christ. 


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