Joshua 2:15 “Then she let them down by a rope through the window, for her house was on the city wall, so that she was living on the wall.” 


A lot of people miss the point that when the walls of Jericho fell, one section didn’t.  Rahab’s home stood safe and sound.  Rock and timbers and gates were falling around her, but she was (please excuse the pun) rock solid.  The two spies had promised her safety if she tied the scarlet thread out her window.

Now, you have to remember that the spies had no idea of the plan of attack on Jericho.  They assumed it would be a normal siege.  “Mark your window, Rahab, so we won’t come into your home and kill you.”  They didn’t know her home would be the only one standing on the wall when they came into the city.


This would be a great story to teach your kids using building blocks or Legos.  (You may want to hold off explaining the harlot part until later.)  Build a wall of a city, designate one section as Rahab’s and then act out the battle with all the walls falling down.  I bet when you do that it will be hard to avoid knocking down that section.

God tore down this massive wall around Jericho as He promised, but He also honored the promise of the two spies to keep Rahab safe.  The point for your children is this.  If we are obedient, even if the world seems to be falling down around us, we are safe in God’s promises.  We may get a little dusty and shake a little, but we are safe.

Is your life shaking all around you right now?  Do you feel like the walls are collapsing?  Turn to Him.  Place your life firmly in His powerful hands.  He can protect you.  He loves His children and will only allow what is going to make you more like Him to touch your life.

Lord, when everything seems to be exploding around me, remind me to stop and pray.  I don’t need to tie a scarlet thread outside my window for You to know where I am.  I place my family in Your capable, strong hands.



  1. Wanda McAllister says:

    Love this, Carl! Great way to teach it to the children … I need to be in Children’s Church! I learn so much on this level❤️


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