Joshua 4:9 “Then Joshua set up twelve stones in the middle of the Jordan at the place where the feet of the priests who carried the ark of the covenant were standing, and they are there to this day.” 


 I’ve looked, and I can’t find anywhere that God told Joshua to do this.  He was supposed to take stones and set them up on the bank, cover them with lime and mark the commandments on them.  But nowhere does God say, “Set up a monument in the Jordan.”  So, why does Joshua do this and was it being disobedient?

Obviously, God didn’t mind since Joshua wasn’t chastised for it.  We don’t know how deep the Jordan was normally at the crossing site, but probably once the waters returned you couldn’t see those rocks.  But the people would know they were there.  They could remember the wall of water which was backed up so they could cross.  Maybe years later, when the river got low you could see them. Who knows?


We need markers in our lives.  Children need to be taught to mark milestones in their walk with Christ.  When a prayer is answered, mark it down.  When a healing occurs, mark it down.  When a new direction is given, mark it down.  Why?  Because we tend to forget the details of the pivotal moments.  We need to teach our children to retail these stories to their children one day.

Every moment of our lives is watched over by God.  He will direct us, if we will let Him.  But He won’t force us.  Not forcing  us, though, does not mean He is not keenly aware of what is going on.  Children learn this by watching us in our own walk.  Make them part of your journey.

Are you going through a “redirection” right now?  Is God sending you down a new path?  How about your children?  Are they facing a big decision?  Set up your stones.  Mark the spot.  One day you will look back and say, “That’s where I crossed my Jordan.”

O God, You are the One who tells me where to cross the Jordans in my life.  Help me to trust that You know exactly the perfect spot.  Teach me to lead my children in their own crossings.


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