Numbers 34:1-2 “1 Then the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, 2 ‘Command the sons of Israel and say to them, “When you enter the land of Canaan, this is the land that shall fall to you as an inheritance, even the land of Canaan according to its borders.”’” 


 I have always like coloring.  And I hate to brag, but I was pretty good at it.  I mean, I could stay within the lines.  Lol.  Did you know you can even buy adult coloring books now?  I need to get one of those to unwind with.

The Lord is telling Moses here to “stay within the lines” that He is drawing for them.  Why?  After leading them to this point, why would He limit where they went and possessed?  Maybe He knew their limitations better than they did. You think?  He knew what they needed and provided it for them.


Children need borders too.  Not giving children clear guidelines invites trouble.  I know parents who don’t give their children bedtimes.  Trouble!  Others don’t enforce curfews.  Trouble!  Still others allow unlimited access to social media.  Trouble!  Borders are necessary to protect our kids.

Now, expect your little Susie or Johnny to buck at this a little.  They want freedom, and they can earn that.  But before freedom is given, responsible behavior is necessary.  Why do you think the Lord gave us the ten commandments?  Borders!

Are you bucking God’s borders in your life?  If you are like me, I like to be free.  Don’t hem me in.  But I also know that left to my own choices, my flesh will choose the wrong things.  I need borders in my life.

Lord, thank You for giving me fences.  I may not always appear grateful, but I am.  When the time is right I know you will expand those fences or open the gate.  Right now I trust You to keep me safe.


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