Numbers 31:32 “Now the booty that remained from the spoil which the men of war had plundered was 675,000 sheep,” 


 Remember yesterday’s lesson?  If you missed it, I wrote about the Lord’s requirements for the sacrifices each day.  Where would all those animals come from?  Well, here we see one answer.  In one battle the Israelites captured almost 700,000 sheep.  I have to believe that many of these were suitable for sacrifice.  God was already providing the resource for the people to use to honor Him.

But it wasn’t about what they captured.  They captured sheep, cattle, donkeys and even slaves.  I truly believe the Lord was trying to show them to trust Him for their provision.  They defeated the Midianites and did not lose one fighter, not one.  That’s amazing!  God protects and provides.


 Little Elrod and Gertrude need to be taught to trust the Lord for everything in their lives.  “How do I pay this bill?”  God’s got the source.  “Lord, I need healing.”  God knows that and can heal according to His will.  “Lord, I really need to do well on this test.”  Study, apply yourself and leave the rest to God.

Every situation in life can be solved through the power and faithfulness of God.  I am NOT teaching prosperity gospel here.  I am merely saying that when we trust Him, He will come through according to His time and His plan for our lives.  We may not understand or even appreciate it at the time, but He is still in control.

What do you need right now for God to do in your life?  Is there that one thing that you just can’t let go of?  Let it go!  Let Him have control.  Submit to His will and let whatever comes your way come on.  Complete abandonment is what He desires.

Master Planner, You have directed me perfectly when I have bowed to your leadership.  Let me bow again today.  I trust You and believe You are able.


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