Numbers 25:3 “So Israel joined themselves to Baal of Peor, and the Lord was angry against Israel.”


 Can you believe these Israelites?  Will they never learn?  Through all the miracles they witnessed, they continued to murmur and complain.  Some had rebelled against the leadership, and now we see them turning to other gods.  The women of Moab had influenced them into worshipping Baal.

“Well Carl, I would never do such a thing!”  Really?  What are you worshipping?  Look at your calendar.  Look at your bank account.  Where does all your time and money go?  That will usually tell you what is most important in your life.  Sure, you don’t think you have turned your back on God and worshipped anything else, but you may be just as deceived as the Israelites.


Focus!  Focus!  Focus!  That’s the key to any intentional life for Christ.  He is worthy of all our attention.  Everything we do should point our children to Christ.  Our goal as parents is to raise them to see just how important Christ is to us.  That means making tough decisions sometimes.

When your child’s coach calls for a practice on Sunday mornings, what do you do?  If you go every weekend to the lake instead of spending time with the Body of Christ, what does that teach your children?  We are constantly sending them messages about the importance of Christ in our lives.

Please hear my heart.  I am not trying to sound legalistic.  There are just some things that are more important in this life.  Living sold out to Jesus is the most important.  The world will tell your children that there are more important things.  Don’t let them believe that lie.

O Lord, forgive me for putting other things before You. Forgive me for allowing others to influence my relationship with You.  Help me purge myself of all unnecessary things in my life so I can live a life that points my children to You.


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