Numbers 23:5 “Then the Lord put a word in Balaam’s mouth and said, ‘Return to Balak, and you shall speak thus.’”


 I am not going to get into whether Balaam should have gone or not.  That’s another devotional.  But I want to point out what Balaam did, once he went.  Look at the verse today.  God tells him to only say what He tells him to say.

We could all take a lesson here.  We are all so quick to give advice.  We presume to speak for God sometimes when people come to us for help.  We are too quick to try to help without seeking the Lord’s guidance first.  God CAN use us, but we have to be willing to be His vessels.


This is most importantly seen in the way we parent our children.  They are going to come to you for advice and guidance.  That’s your job, but you should go to the Lord first and ask Him how to answer them.  Better yet, go to the Lord with them, so they can hear what you pray.

What a great way to model “hearing” from the Lord.  When they see and hear you relying on the Lord for the wisdom to parent them, they will tuck that away.  They will learn to go to Him for guidance.  Isn’t that our ultimate goal – to help them walk with Him?

What are you struggling with right now in your walk?  Have you asked the Lord for guidance?  Go to Him right now.  Ask Him to speak to You.  Now, don’t get anxious and go ahead before you hear.  Wait on Him to answer. He will in His perfect time.

Father, give me pause to stop and hear from You.  Let my ears be open to hear Your words and then let my tongue speak only what You say.  Praise You for hearing me.


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