Exodus 27:20 “‘You shall charge the sons of Israel, that they bring you clear oil of beaten olives for the light, to make a lamp burn continually.’”


These chapters in Exodus in today’s daily reading are all about setting up the tabernacle.  God is a God of details.  Just read these three chapters.  But what struck me today was verse 20 of chapter 26.  God is a God of light also, and His light will “burn continually”.

Can you imagine the nation of Israel in the desert seeing the glow of the light all night, every night?  A constant reminder of God’s presence.  A reassuring “night light” for all to see.  It’s the same today.  His light burns in and through us.  We are His light in a dark world.  Our light needs to be tended to daily to make sure all can see it.


Kids love fire and matches, don’t they?  What kid doesn’t love to build a fire outside and watch it glow?  Of course, they want to play in the fire and roast marshmallows.  I do too.  But take this opportunity to talk about the light of your fire compared to God’s.  Your fire and its light will go out. God’s light is eternal.  Your firelight has to have wood or something else to burn.  God’s light comes from God Himself.

Our children need to know that they can ALWAYS depend on the light of God.  When their world seems dark, His light can brighten their way.  When they allow His light to shine in and through them, they can draw others to Him.  Isn’t that the purpose of “our little light”?

I pray you will allow your light to shine brightly.  I pray you will let His light to be your light.  Shine for Him and Him only.

Father of light, there is no variation or shifting shadow in You.  Your light draws out all my darkness.  Praise You for lighting my path.




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