Exodus 30:34 “Then the Lord said to Moses, ‘Take for yourself spices, stacte and onycha and galbanum, spices with pure frankincense; there shall be an equal part of each.’” 


How many of you remember the TV show “The Waltons”?  Do you remember the Baldwin sisters?  They were two older unmarried sisters who had a “special recipe.”  It was their own special recipe from their father who was famous for his moonshine.  They didn’t make much, and they didn’t sell it, but everyone knew about it.  That recipe was a guarded secret.

God had his own “special recipe.”  The incense used by Aaron and the priests was not to be made for any other purpose.  They were not to share the exact recipe with anyone.  This was a holy recipe, unlike the Baldwin sisters’ recipe.  This recipe was to be used daily in the worship of a holy God.  It had a specific purpose.


Our children should be told often that they are a “special recipe” prepared by God.  They have a specific purpose which can only be discovered as they surrender their hearts and life to Jesus.  Your role as parent is to point them in His direction.  You are to prepare their hearts to receive Him by praying with them, by reading them His Word and by listening when they ask questions about Him.

Some recipes take longer to prepare and cook.  Your child may respond at an early age to God’s calling.  Others may come to Him later. Don’t stop preparing them.  Don’t give up. Keep doing your part in God’s plan for them.

Are you frustrated with your “recipe” right now?  Maybe you need to let it simmer for a while.  Let the Great Chef cook you to perfection. He knows when you are “done.”  Trust Him.

Heavenly Father, I want to be the sweet incense in Your nostrils.  I want my life to smell like You, not me.  Help me spread Your fragrance all around, especially to my children and family.


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