Exodus 23:28 “‘I will send hornets ahead of you so that they will drive out the Hivites, the Canaanites, and the Hittites before you.’”


This verse just proves that God will use anything to accomplish His Will. He has used frogs and gnats, hailstones and bloody water. He even used a donkey.  And here He tells Moses He will use hornets to drive the heathen nations out.

Have you ever been chased and stung by bees or yellow jackets or hornets?  It’s pretty terrifying and painful.  For some it can be downright deadly if they are allergic.  Don’t be surprised what God might use to get your attention, as He shows you His plan for your life.


I bet you and your children have watched bees gather pollen or you’ve seen a wasp nest or a hornet’s nest.  Refer them to this verse the next time.  Talk about how God can use the smallest thing to accomplish His Will and bless His children.  I bet your kids will find it kind of funny to think about throngs of people being driven out of their homes and off their lands to make room for God’s people.  Why not let them draw a picture of that?

The humor of the scene isn’t the main thing, though.  It’s the fact that God will work ahead of us to prepare the way.  Your children need to learn that.  They need to trust that God will do amazing things for us, if we just trust Him.

Are you trusting?  Are you allowing Him to drive out your enemies or are you taking them on yourself?  Let Him work and enjoy the show.  He will tell you when He wants you to step in, I promise.

Father of all creation, thank You that You will use all of Your creation to show me who You are.  Use me, Lord, to show others Your way.  And help me trust You to take care of my “enemies.”


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