Exodus 20:1 “Then God spoke all these words, saying,”


Verses 1-17 of Exodus 20 are God speaking to the people and Moses on Mt. Sinai.  He came down in a dark cloud with flashing light.  They could hear Him but not see Him.  And He gave them the 10 commandments.  The people heard God give Moses these ten guidelines for living long before they ever saw those stone tablets.  And they were scared.

Now, I have to admit.  If I was standing there near the mountain and witnessed this, I might be a little nervous too.  We think we would have acted differently than the people did then.  But would we have?  I doubt it.  Flesh is flesh no matter what century it is.


So, take a minute and read these 10 commandments to your kids.  Help them memorize them.  There are several ways you can do that using your fingers to remember each one.  Just google “memorizing the 10 commandments using your fingers.”  You will see tons of websites and YouTube videos.

However you learn them, make it fun for little Susie or little Johnny.  But don’t just stop there.  Make sure they understand each commandment.  Each one is as important today as it was then.  Through Christ, we can follow them.  Through Christ we have the Spirit to remind us of each of these daily.

If you are like me, you have failed one or more of these commandments.  Praise be to God that my salvation does not rest in keeping a list of rules, no matter how important they are.  Now hear me out.  Christ has fulfilled them all perfectly.  And because He has, I can rest in Him.  Hallelujah.

Father, thank You for giving us guidelines to follow.  But thank You more for giving us the example to follow, Your Son Jesus.  Help me be obedient to all your commands so that I can draw others to You.


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