Psalms 44:1 “O God, we have heard with our ears, our fathers have told us the work that You did in their days, in the days of old.”


I love to hear older family members (and I am quickly becoming one of those) tell stories about our family from decades ago. In fact, I am quite intrigued by my ancestry. I recently did some research on our family tree. I discovered a minister in our tree who lived in N.C. in the 1700’s. Boy, I wish I could talk with him about how the Lord moved in his life.

I did find out that once he was saved, he became one of the few founding members of a church in his community and later became its Pastor. I am sure he could reflect on our verse today and tell “us the work that You did in” his days.


Are you telling your children those stories? Are you sharing with them how God sustained you through a tough time? Do your children know your salvation story? Can you show them evidence of God’s handiwork in your life? These stories can help them build trust in an invisible God. When they hear of how the Lord worked in your life, they can trust Him more.

How about when you see the Lord working in their lives? Do you make it a point to tell them? Do you make sure they recognize it was God working and just some coincidence? It is so easy to miss what God is doing unless someone shows you. Haven’t you looked back at your life and realized later how God orchestrated events that you were blind to?

Part of our legacy is making sure our children have one too. We want our legacy to point to Christ. Don’t you want the same for your children? Don’t you want your great, great grandchildren to know you as the godly relative who forsook all to follow Jesus? What better legacy for you and your family? So be that legacy.


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