I Corinthians 13:13 “But now faith, hope, love, abide these three; but the greatest of these is love.”


Recently one the greatest boxers of all time died, Muhammad Ali. He was, without a doubt, a showman. He talked big, but delivered once he got in the ring. He even called himself “The Greatest.” But guess what! He wasn’t! He was mortal and frail, and in the end his body gave in.

Why is “love” called the greatest of these? What makes it better than faith and hope? Because God is love. He is, in His purest form, love. Everything He does is because of His love for us. Everything He created was because of love. And He wants us to be the same.


Have you ever asked your children, “Who do you love?” We all have done that, especially when they are just learning to talk. We love hearing them say “Mama” or “Dada.” And we love telling them over and over again just how much we love them.

But do you tell them daily just how much God loves them? Do you tell them repeatedly that, in comparison, your love is weak? Do you show them in His Word the wonderful stories of love He has written for them through the Holy Spirit?

Our children need to know they are loved by us. But it is so much more important that they know they have a loving God who loves them beyond measure. They need to know that He will NEVER stop loving them. Others in their life may stop loving them for one reason or another. But God is forever faithful, forever hopeful and forever loving.

If you haven’t read the entire 13th chapter of I Corinthians lately, do that now. Read it to your child. Help them understand the love you have and the love God has for them. And don’t forget – YOU ARE LOVED!


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