“‘For who has shown contempt for the day of small things? But these seven will rejoice when they see the plumb line in the hand of Zerubbabel—they are the eyes of the LORD roaming throughout the earth.’”

Often in our world, it is the small things that have the biggest impact on us. Take for example, the covid virus. The molecule itself is so small you cannot see it with the naked eye. But just look at the havoc that little, tiny molecule caused around the world. Economies were shut down. Health care systems were crammed beyond capacity. And sadly, thousands of lives were lost.

So, when the Lord says to not show contempt for the day of small things, that’s important. He was referring to the beginning of the temple rebuild. What seemed small and insignificant was fulfilled into a finished structure. The eyes of the Lord see all things, and He knows how each and every day will arrive and end. He sees it all. This insignificant temple would one day welcome the feet of Jesus.


1 Chronicles 16:9a is almost quoted verbatim here in today’s verse. “For the eyes of the LORD roam throughout the earth, so that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His.” God sees the small things in your life and can make them great. Starting out small in your Quiet Times can grow to a more complete study of the word.

In my ministry with Every Man A Warrior, we teach men to start small and grow big. We tell them to not try to disciple thirty men. They should start with 3 or 4 and pour into them and watch what happens. The multiplication will occur in their hearts. Also, the principles of starting small apply to our daily lives. Focus on each day separately and walk with Him. He knows the big picture and causes the increase.

Are you appreciative for the small things? We take so much for granted. We focus on the big stuff and not the little stuff. Little stuff matters. Piece by piece they make whole. Learn to thank God for these. Stop looking for the big stuff. Just as He told Zechariah, He is telling us to not despise the small stuff.

Thank You, Lord, for the little things in life take for granted.


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