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“The LORD of armies says this: ‘Consider your ways!’”

As I have gotten older, I have noticed I don’t hear as clearly as I used to. In fact, my left ear has some hearing loss. I have also lost a lot of the higher frequencies. So, sometimes when I answer my cellphone, I have to ask the person again who it is. Excuse me, who did you say this is? That person will then repeat what they said, and I most likely will recognize who it is.

The LORD of armies, or LORD of hosts, repeats Himself here. He had just said these exact same words, “consider your ways.” Why would God repeat Himself? All throughout Scripture we see God do this. He wants to emphasize a point. Any good point is worth repeating, right? So, here is the Lord saying once again to the people to watch how they are stepping. He wants to make sure they get this message.


Repetition is good. In the books we use in Every Man A Warrior, we repeat the skills over and over again. We know that most men need this kind of repetition for it to sink in. They need to hear the message over and over. It needs to become a sort of spiritual muscle memory, much like an athlete practices his swing or shot over and over until it becomes second nature.

However, we need to learn to listen to God the first time. He shouldn’t have to repeat Himself. If you are like me, however, I get so busy with my life that I don’t get quiet enough to hear Him sometimes. In Luke 9:44 Jesus told His disciples to “listen carefully.” He made a point to get their attention. He wanted them to hear clearly what He was about to tell them. He didn’t want any confusion to be had on their part.

Are you listening closely? Does God have to repeat Himself to you? Stop and get quiet. Listen for His voice. He is not speaking so you cannot hear Him. He doesn’t want you guessing it’s Him. Just ask Him to speak. Tune your ears to His frequency. Even though my physical hearing is not as good as it used to be, my spiritual hearing can get better and better as I listen for His voice. Join me.

I hear You, O God. I will follow Your voice wherever You lead.


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