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“He remembers his officers; they stumble in their advance, they hurry to her wall, and the mantelet is set up.”

If you have ever played paintball, you know the importance of cover. You hide behind walls or other structures in order to not get tagged by your opponent. The better the covering, the better chance to survive the assault. Even though this is all in fun, you still want to win.

Nahum continues to describe the assault on Nineveh and their feeble attempt at a defense. Remember, this is the Lord’s assault on them as part of His judgment. This “mantelet” is a covering or a screen that was used by the enemy as it assaulted the walls of a city. They would put boards or timbers above them and cover them with animal skins, often soaked in water, to guard them against stones from above or fiery arrows.


What is your covering? What is your protection from the fiery darts of the enemy? As believers, our only protection, our only mantelet, is the Lord. No other covering will protect you as you assault the gates of hell. What?! Assault the gates of hell?! You better believe it.

We are called to take on the evil one head on. We are to never retreat. Ephesians 6:11 tells us “Put on the full armor of God so that you may stand firm against the schemes of the devil.” Do you not think he is throwing stones and arrows at you? Every chance he gets. He wants to bring you down. But he is as helpless as Nineveh was.

I do not fear the evil one because I know my covering. There is an old hymn that says:

       But I know whom I have believed

       And am persuaded that He is able

       To keep that which I’ve committed

       Unto Him against that day.

He is able to protect me. He is my mantelet.

I am so thankful that You, O Lord, have me covered against all the weapons of the enemy.


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