Amos 2:14

“’Refuge will be lost from the swift, and the strong will not strengthen his power, nor the warrior save his life.'”

I remember a football game I played in high school. We played a team that was way out of league. This team has us down 50 to 0 at halftime. Every time they touched the ball they scored. We couldn’t stop them. As hard as we tried, they were just bigger and better than us. It was a pretty hopeless feeling at halftime knowing we had to go back out and play the rest of the game.

The Lord is reminding the Israelites that nothing within them was going to rescue them from His judgments. The swift, the strong and the warrior were helpless, about as helpless as I felt in that locker room at halftime. God’s judgment was sure and certain. Their swiftness, strength and battle skills were no match for Him. It as time they learned that.


Have you ever felt this helpless? During those time, what do you do? The beautiful thing about being a Christian is we have no reason for feeling that way. If we are following the Lord and relying on His Word, we know it’s not about us. Our potential skills don’t matter. All that matters is following Him. He will give us the swiftness, strength and fighting skills we need. We just have to ask.

But what about those low times? I know we shouldn’t have them, but be honest, most of us face them. Do you think the Lord wants you wallowing in self-pity and guilt? No, He wants us walking in victory. There js literally no power on earth that can keep us down if we surrendered to Him. Whatever you are facing today, let it go. He is there.

I am a child of the King. He is in control. I simply follow His marching orders. Right now that means moving into full-time missions work with Every Man A Warrior. In about one month that will happen. This is a path I would have never taken ten years ago. But God has reminded me that it is not about me. It’s all about Him. That’s the secret.

Father, remind me daily that it’s not my power. It is totally Yours. I am Yours to use as You see fit.


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