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AMOS 1:12

“‘So I will send fire upon Teman and it will consume the citadels of Bozrah.’”

On my last day of work at a children’s home in South Carolina, some little boys in a cottage set a fire in the basement of the cottage. I’m not sure why they did that. I think they were just playing with some matches, and it got carried away. That cottage suffered severe fire and water damage. I can still see the flames and smell the smoke. Those images don’t go away too quickly.

I bet these images which Amos is laying out for the Israelites got them so excited. Finally, Edom is going to pay for their atrocities against their nation. Finally, God is going to rain down fire on them. They will feel what the Israelites felt when the Edomites came and besieged their cities and set them on fire. Payback – Finally!


God has spoken the same punishment on the other countries. Why doesn’t He change His tactics? Certainly, by now they are on to Him. God’s methods don’t need to change. In fact, one of His attributes is immutability. That means unchanging. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. His purpose and plan remain the same.

So, why do we think we can change God? We pray and pray and expect God to change His mind. Listen, we do need to beseech God. We need to pray hard. We don’t know the mind of God. We don’t know what His perfect plan is. He is listening to our petitions. He inclines His ear towards us. But we have to pray trusting that His way is perfect – no matter what.

Do you trust Him? Do you trust Him with your life? He is able to maneuver through our prayers. Who knows – you may just stumble upon His will by praying. Does that sound crazy? Maybe it is, but I had rather be crazy and praying than crazy and not praying. How about you?

Lord, I will trust Your methods. I will allow You to work in me to perfect me according to Your plan.


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