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1 JOHN 4:16

“We have come to know and have believed the love which God has for us. God is love, and the one who abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him.”

Have you ever had to live with a decision you made in the past that was affecting you now? Maybe you got a tattoo on a whim that, shall we say, was questionable. Now, you have that tattoo the rest of your life. It’s permanent. I have a friend who went through months of laser treatment to try to remove some tattoos he got years ago. Expensive!

Why do I bring that up? Because the two verbs used in the first part of this verse (“come to know” and “have believed”) are in the Perfect tense. Now, I know that blesses your heart. Listen. The Perfect tense refers to past action that has lasting results (like the tatoo illustration). Our past action of knowing and believing results in abiding. How cool is that?


Kids don’t necessarily understand this permanent situation with decisions. Has your child ever required stitches and been left with a scar? Maybe you have. Talk about that. What caused that scar? Did they make a decision to do something that resulted in that injury? Sometimes those are caused by risky behavior. Their actions caused a lasting reminder.

Then, take them to today’s verse. Ask them if they know and believe. They may quickly say “yes,” but ask them to explain how they know they know. How do they know they believe? Show them the results. God abides in them, and they love others. That’s the proof.

Do you know? Do you believe? If so, love! Don’t miss the opportunity to show others the proof of your abiding in Christ. We have to be Jesus to the world. How else are they going to hear? God still uses people. Will you allow Him to use you? And be thankful that your knowledge of God and your belief in God has lasting results. Just don’t get that tattoo, lol.

I am so grateful I know You, Lord. My belief in You is solid. And I am so thankful that You in abide in me and I abide in You.


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