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1 PETER 3:13

“Who is there to harm you if you prove zealous for what is good?”

Some people are intent on harming others. This “harm” spoken of here is nasty. The Greek word comes from kakos which means inwardly foul and rotten. Not very nice. So those who want to harm you aren’t doing this by accident. They want to hurt you. They want to see you suffer.

This verse gives us hope against them. Why? Because the Lord promises to protect us, especially if we “prove zealous for what is good.” He will be our shelter and tower of safety. The key is our desire to do good.


No one wants their children to be harmful people. We want them to be doers of good. Our role as parents includes teaching our children how to do good. In fact, the verse says to be zealous for good. That means to be very passionate about something. What are your children passionate about?

I bet your children are passionate about something. It may be friends or video games. But something drives them. Getting them passionate about doing good for the Lord is a worthy goal. I don’t mean they need to be “do gooders.” But doing good for God through the power of His Spirit is a very good thing.

Are you zealous for good? If so, God steps in to guard you against those who would seek to harm you. Now listen, God doesn’t require you to do good to gain His love. He loves you unconditionally. We do good because we love Him. Do you love Him? Then be zealous for Him, and He will do good through you.

I want to be passionate for good. Give me the desire to please You in all I do. Make me a zealot for good.


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