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1 PETER 3:8

“To sum up, all of you be harmonious, sympathetic, brotherly, kindhearted, and humble in spirit;” 

I really like this verse. Actually, it’s one of the memory verses in a discipleship study I have led for years. If we could all live this verse every day, we would not have any problems with people. Peter starts out, I think, with the most important thing first – be harmonious. This Greek word is only used right here in this verse. It literally means divinely inspired unity, to think alike, to have the same mind.

Now the rest of these things listed (sympathetic, brotherly, kindhearted and humble) make it possible to be harmonious. If you are doing all those things, there will be no problem in having the same mind. Are these easy? They are impossible outside of Christ. But with Him guiding you, they are a snap.


Just try making your children be harmonious. Ha! It can’t be done. You can’t make anyone have the same mind. They have to want to do that. Our children are independent thinkers. If you don’t think so, spend some time with a toddler. That’ll teach you independent thinking. But we can’t live our lives that way. We have to learn to live in harmony.

We have to teach our children the value of harmonious living. You can practice this in your home. Learning to agree and think alike about things can only come through our mutual surrender to Christ in our lives. Apart from that, our flesh will reign supreme. Teaching our children the surrendered life is key to them learning how to live in harmony with anyone.

Are you a harmonious person? Or do you insist on your own way? Too many of us, myself included, can do that. Independent thinking is not a sin. We need to have ambition and drive. But we also have to consider others, especially those we do life with. Ask yourself today if the decisions you are making today will affect someone else. If so, talk to them first. Make your minds one.

I am guilty, Lord, of thinking too much about what I want. Direct my thoughts today towards others. Let me live in harmony today.


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