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ACTS 5:29

But Peter and the apostles answered, “We must obey God rather than men.

This verse is part of the story in Acts when Peter and the apostles had been arrested by the High Priest and thrown into prison for preaching about Jesus. They had been warned earlier about it but kept on preaching. God sent an angel who released them and where did they go? Right back to preaching.

In this verse Peter is before the High Priest again. He doesn’t back down. You don’t see Peter and the apostles wringing their hands. They stayed committed to their calling and kept preaching the Gospel. When it came down to whom to obey, they didn’t blink. They would obey God.


Teaching our children to obey God is probably one of the most important tasks we have. We can’t make them obey, of course. But as we correct behaviors, we point them to the Word of God, which is God speaking to us. Our corrections are not what we think are best. They are we know God says is best.

Obeying God can be costly. Our kids need to know that. The world will, at some point, present a situation to your kids when they must choose. When that time comes, you as Mom and Dad must be there to support their decision to obey God, even if it costs them dearly.

Will you obey God or man? If presented a situation that will cost you dearly if you chose to obey God, would you do it? Standing up for God is the safest place you can be. When you stand up for Him, He will immediately be there. Will it be hard? Sure. But knowing the Master of all is there with you brings you comfort.

I will obey You, O God. Obedience to You is more important than anything else in my day.


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