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1 PETER 2:8

“and, ‘A STONE OF STUMBLING AND A ROCK OF OFFENSE’; for they stumble because they are disobedient to the word, and to this doom they were also appointed.”

Have you ever been walking in the woods on a trail and stumble over a rock you didn’t see? Boy, I have. I have almost broken my neck over a small rock that seemed to jump up off the ground and grab my foot. Of course, that isn’t what happened.

What happened was I was distracted. I wasn’t watching where I was walking. The rock was just there. It didn’t do anything to cause me to stumble. I caused that. I was the cause of my own stumbling. That’s Peter’s point here. We stumble over the “Rock” because we aren’t looking to Him.


I bet your kids have stumbled in the yard and scraped their knees, haven’t they? If they haven’t, they will. The next time they fall, read them this verse. Explain to them that Jesus is a stumbling block to those who don’t believe. They may ask, “Why does Jesus want to make people stumble?” Good question.

Jesus doesn’t want us to stumble. He just wants our eyes on Him. He wants us to let Him direct our steps so we don’t stumble. When we keep our eyes on Him we can avoid those stumblings. It’s a lot easier to walk with our eyes on Him.

Are you stumbling or are you walking with your eyes on Jesus? Have you scraped your knees lately? Jesus can take care of that too. The “STONE OF STUMBLING AND A ROCK OF OFFENSE” is only bad for those who don’t believe. For we who believe, He is a constant reminder of what He has done for us. Amen!

I am thankful for the reminder of Your sacrifice. May I point those I know who do not believe towards You so You can bring them to Yourself.


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