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“who are protected by the power of God through faith for a salvation ready to be revealed in the last time.”

Peter uses an interesting word here for “protected.” It’s not the usual word we see in the New Testament. This Greek word is only used four times and has the idea of actively displaying whatever defensive and offensive means are necessary to guard. In other words, God is going to protect us, no matter what. That’s pretty reassuring.

He is protecting us to preserve our salvation “ready to be revealed in the last times.” In simple terms, that means our salvation isn’t going anywhere. The perseverance of the saints is referred to here. Our salvation is forever. In the last days, when we are called to glory, the fulfillment of our salvation will be revealed. Until then, God is our sentinel, guarding it for His glory.


Do your children understand that you serve as their sentinel? As mom and dad, we are to protect and guard our little ones. Ask your kids what that means. Ask them how they think you guard them. Better yet, get them to draw a picture. I love kids’ pictures. They are so revealing.

After talking about their pictures, explain to them how you actually do that. And also tell them the limitations. You can’t always be there. You have to sleep. You have to go to work. Unlike you, however, God is always there. And once they are His, once they give their lives to Christ, He guards their salvation forever. That’s real protection.

Do you have that protection? Do you know the assurance of that salvation? If you don’t, what are you waiting on? If you do, rest in Him. He’s got you covered. He’s not going anywhere. Isn’t that good news worth sharing? Tell someone today what you have. I bet they will want it too.

Thank You, Lord, for protecting me. Thank You for securing my salvation all the way to glory. I cannot wait to see the fulfillment of my salvation with all the saints.


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