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1 Peter 1:1

“Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ, to those who reside as aliens, scattered throughout Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia, and Bithynia, who are chosen”

Peter begins this letter by identifying himself. He was an apostle! Now, he’s not bragging. He may have done that at an earlier time in his life, but not now. He was merely letting the recipients of this letter know he was writing with authority, authority that only came from Christ. These would not be his words. They were Christ’s.

He is writing to believers who were “aliens” in these provinces of Asia. This wasn’t their home. They didn’t belong there. How they got there isn’t the issue. They were there now, but the Lord had not forgotten them. They were in His family no matter where they dwelled. We can take a lesson from that, can’t we?


This may seem a strange verse to try to make an application for our lives. But I believe every word of Scripture has that capability. First, we must be careful to ensure the words that come from us are words the Lord Himself would use. We dare not speak for God when He hasn’t spoken to us. We have the advantage of having the Old and New Testament to draw from. We can trust it.

Secondly, our home is wherever God places us. Some people resist allowing God to move them for fear of losing “their home.” We are secure in Christ wherever we are. Some places are more comfortable than other, for sure. But God doesn’t call us to comfort. He calls us to service. He may even drive us to places through persecution in order to spread His word. Are you willing to go?

These are lessons worth teaching our children. Speak only God’s truth. Speak only words that are pleasing to Him. Let no untrue word proceed from your mouth, little one. And wherever God leads you, follow. Trust Him to make your home where He wants it. He will never take you anywhere that He will not be there. We are in His family, so home is wherever He is.

Father, thank You for this reminder that I am Your messenger and that You are my home. I forget that sometimes. Forgive me.


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