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Urge bondslaves to be subject to their own masters in everything, to be well-pleasing, not argumentative,”

Our one response to our Master, Jesus Christ, should be “Yes, Master.” Paul spells it out clearly for the earthly bondslave, one who is bound to a master willingly. How much more should we exercise these same responses to our heavenly Master and Lord. We are to be subject to Him (to place ourselves up under His plan). We are to be well-pleasing (focused on gratifying) and not argumentative (doing nothing to speak against).

“Oh, come on Carl. I am always that way with the Lord.” Really? Tell me about it. Do you always submit your will to His? Are you willing to do whatever He asks whenever He asks it? Is your mind always settled on pleasing Jesus? You can’t tell me there aren’t sometimes when you prefer to gratify yourself. And do you ever argue with God? I know I do.


These principles of living for Jesus are things that we as parents must teach our children early. Think about it. We all want submissive, well-pleasing, nonargumentative children, right? How do you think that happens? We model it in our lives. We correct them when they allow their little, fleshly heads to rise up. We point them to Jesus in every situation.

Now, we don’t want mindless robots obeying our every order, do we? (Some of you may say, “Yes) Neither does Jesus. He made us to think and react. He wants us to yield to Him. He wants us to serve out of love, not fear. In the same way, we want our children to learn to do the same. They should make their decisions based on their inner desire to please and honor us and Jesus. That only comes through surrender to Him.

Are you struggling with submission today? There are days when we do. It’s normal. Our flesh can be strong. It’s okay. Take a moment and confess that to the Lord. Ask Him to give you the strength to submit. That may sound strange, but it does take strength to submit. We have to lay down our desires for the greater good – His good. Will you do that today?

Father, today I lay down my desires in order to please You. I will hold my tongue and do what You ask. I am here to serve.


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