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“To Titus, my true child in a common faith: Grace and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Savior.”

Titus was special to Paul. Why? It’s because of that phrase in today’s verse – “my true child in a common faith.” Paul had “birthed” him into the kingdom of God. He was a direct convert of Paul’s ministry. Unlike Timothy, who Paul found already a believer, Titus had surrendered to Christ because of Paul.

There is something special about those relationships. I know those whom I have led to Christ and prayed with to receive Christ as their Savior always hold a special place in my heart. The spiritual connection of two people as they approach the throne of grace is life changing. If you have never experienced that, you need to.


Perhaps the greatest thrill for parents is leading their children to receive Christ. It’s interesting that the Greek word for “true” is today’s verse means legitimate birth. It’s one thing to have your own legitimately born children. But to have those same children to be reborn as children of God is so much more exciting.

I bet you have a video of your child’s birth. Get it out and show them. Talk about how thrilled you were when they came. Talk about how you had planned for their arrival. You had prepared a room. You had picked out a name. You couldn’t wait to meet them. But then turn the conversation to salvation. In the same way, the Lord has done all those things. This is a perfect time to share the Gospel with them or, if they are already a believer, to affirm their decision.

With whom have you shared lately? Don’t keep this truth to yourself. You need a Titus in your life. You need to lead others to Jesus. You are missing out on the joy of the Christ-life when you don’t take the opportunities to come alongside someone in their search for truth and lead them into salvation. Pray for someone to cross your path today with whom you see come to Christ.

Forgive me, Lord, for squandering the opportunities to witness to others. I want “true children of the faith” in my life. Lead me to others who are searching.


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