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2 TIMOTHY 4:17

“But the Lord stood with me and strengthened me, so that through me the proclamation might be fully accomplished, and that all the Gentiles might hear; and I was rescued out of the lion’s mouth.”

Do you know any lions? Boy, I do. I have encountered a few. Now, I don’t mean real lions, of course. I am referring, as Paul was, to those who wanted to destroy me. If we stand for the cause of Christ, His enemies are going to try to take us out. They do not want us proclaiming the Gospel. Why? Because it exposes their sins.

However, most of these “lions” do not see their sins as sin. How dare we call their lifestyles sinful? How dare we insinuate that they can’t live as they want and be ushered into heaven with the saints? Paul’s goal was to preach Jesus to the Gentile world which was filled with idolatry and wickedness. Guess what? Our mission is the same.


Your children probably have heard the story of Daniel and the lions’ den, right. Well, read them this verse and then read them that story. Ask them what they think Paul was referring to. I mean, he wasn’t with Daniel. But he faced just as ferocious an enemy.

Ask your kids why others who don’t love Jesus would want to “eat them up.” You can make it a little funny. That’s okay. But make sure they understand that when they live a life pleasing God, those who rebel against Him, knowingly or unknowingly, are going to try to stop them, discourage them or outright fight against them. That’s to be expected. It’s okay. Just keep living for Him.

Are you in the mouth of a lion right now? Pray for deliverance. Ask the Lord to give you the boldness to stand against the enemies of the cross and proclaim Him even louder. The Lord can defang the most ferocious of lions. Ask Him for pliers.  Lol

Lord, I do not fear the fangs of the lions because You are with me. Give me strength, as You did Paul, to face them courageously and victoriously.


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